Statements by the board of directors of the PLC

Statements by the board of directors of the Presbyterian Lay Committee

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has just amended its constitution to allow the ordination of officers who do not restrict their sexual activity to the bounds of Christian marriage. By doing so the PC(USA) has undermined its own foundation of scriptural integrity. It contradicts not only Scripture, but its own Confessions. The PC(USA) has thus severed itself from “the faith once delivered to the saints,” practiced by the one holy and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

We greet you as brothers and sisters in Christ who are prayerfully aware of the fiduciary and moral responsibilities that you have been called to bear. Scripture compels members of our faith family to care for and counsel one another at all times, especially when circumstances challenge one’s fidelity to Biblical faith. It is in that spirit that we address you today acutely aware of the depth of emotion surrounding this issue on all sides.

We are grateful to the Lord that the PCUSA has upheld Biblical ordination standards of pastors, elders and deacons for a fourth time in 12 years.

  • A Call to Arms (07/08/08)

The 218th PCUSA General Assembly waged a frontal assault on Biblical Christianity. The assembly disregarded historic Reformed standards, undermined its Constitution and failed to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with its actions.

Re: Louisville’s “privileged and confidential” documents by denominational lawyers on claiming local church property.

Re: Response to the actions of the 217th General Assembly

The Outreach Foundation and the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship form a missionary sending alliance dedicated to Christ-centered evangelism.

    The Presbyterian Lay Committee is endorsing a Presbyterian Coalition statement that calls a ruling exonerating a lesbian activist on charges that she violated the denomination’s constitution by marrying two same-sex couples “stunning for its disregard of Presbyterian constitutional law.”
    We conclude with regret that the Report has not given the church a consistently clear witness to the word of God. Taken as a whole, it constitutes a blend of truth and error that, if adopted, will undermine the church’s purity and exacerbate the denomination’s disunity. Indeed, it will promote schism by permitting the disregard of clear standards of Scripture and the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Re: Re-directing per-capita and mission contributions.

Re: Alexander Metherell’s petition to recall the 214th General Assembly

 PLC prepared resources for A Declaration of Conscience

Responding faithfully: Making decisions about financial support of PCUSA governing bodies in times of disorder

Re: Layman editoral “An apostate assembly”

Re: Confessing Church Movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Re: Loss of Amendment O which would have prohibited PCUSA ministers from conducting same-sex unions.