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Blogs, articles and videos by Carmen Fowler LaBerge, president of the Presbyterian Lay Committee.

Genocide in Syria and Iraq: Interview with Juliana Taimoorazy of Iraqi Christian Relief Council

genocide in the middle east

Juliana Taimoorazy, an Assyrian Christian and Founding President of the Iraqi Christians Relief Council, joined The Reconnect on Tuesday to update us on the situation in the Middle East and the persecuted Church. Why should we care? Earlier this year, the Obama Administration finally recognized the fact that ISIS is committing genocide through crucifixion, beheading, …

Presbyterian Evangelism? Maybe $50 Bills in Every Bulletin Would Work

It was the last day of the 222nd General Assembly meeting of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and for the first time the word “evangelism” came up. It was quickly shot down. Commissioners argued that “evangelism is hard for us,” and “evangelism means something different in every community and you can’t teach that.” Emily Williams, a …

As Goes the Mainline, So Goes the Nation

The next President of the United States will likely be a self-identified mainline Christian. Hillary Clinton is a member of the United Methodist Church and Donald Trump continues to assert that he is a Presbyterian. However, Clinton does not align with the UMC on the exclusivity of Christianity, LGBTQ issues or abortion. Trump’s self-avowed denomination …

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