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    First Presbyterian Church still healing after major split

    By Alva James-Johnson, The Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Ga.) Seven months have passed since members of First Presbyterian Church split over whether to leave their national denomination over doctrinal issues such as […]

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    It is not okay to answer one injustice with another

    By Patricia Lee June, M.D. and Martha E. Leatherman, M.D., Presbyterians Pro-Life. A reply to Rev. Nelson’s article on Planned Parenthood 11-21-15 We disagree with most of Rev. J. Herbert Nelson’s article on […]

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    Mr. Rogers featured in The Atlantic

    by Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic Mister Rogers, the iconic television host, was a Presbyterian minister—but his show touched people of all faiths. After Amy Melder became a Christian at the […]

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    First Pres Boulder tradition carries on, despite heavy loss

    First Presbyterian Church Boulder Thanksgiving tradition carries on, despite a heavy loss Bernon Ward, once homeless, had been mainstay in First Presbyterian kitchen By Charlie Brennan More info:fpcboulder.org/thanksgivingdinner/ Vernon Ward, […]

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    Presbyterian Mission Agency board executive committee discusses budget, restructuring

    By Leslie Scanlon, The Presbyterian Outlook. What should the 2017 and 2018 mission budget for the Presbyterian Church (U.SA.) look like? What should the configuration of the Presbyterian Mission Agency […]

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    Seattle First Presbyterian’s breakaway vote spurs $28.5M real-estate fight

    By Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times. A real-estate battle is shaping up between a historic downtown Presbyterian church and the regional body that until now has governed it. At stake: nearly $29 […]

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    First Presbyterian-San Antonio accepted into ECO

    On Wednesday (11/18/15), the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, Texas was officially accepted into its new denomination — ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. The church voted by 87 percent on Nov. […]

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    Syria, the untold story

    By Paul Seebeck, Presbyterians Today. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about them. About what they, the survivors of a brutal war in Syria, said […]

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    Rantoul Presbyterian Church to close its doors

    By David Hinton, The Rantoul Press (Illinois). Gary Pugh dabbed away more than a few tears during a reunion service at The Rantoul Presbyterian Church. Like many, Pugh spent a […]

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    Our challenging way

    By Charles B. “Chip” Hardwick, director of the PCUSA’s Theology, Worship and Education. Comings and Goings blog. Yesterday (11/15/15) I had the chance to preach and teach at Southminster Presbyterian Church […]