A Christian response to Ferguson

fergusonBy Jerry Newcombe

When will the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, stop? There has been much mayhem – including the police using tear gas – and much looting in the St. Louis suburb. The media covers this story heavily. Some estimate there may be as many media members as there are protesters.

All of this follows the shooting death of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer Saturday Aug. 9. Though the facts are sketchy, many are convinced that an injustice has been done.

The reaction has created an additional crisis. Reports indicate that thugs from all over have descended on Ferguson to take advantage of the chaos, to get “justice” “by any means necessary.” How? By putting a small shop owner out of business by looting?

C. S. Lewis reportedly said: “The devil is always trying to trick us to extremes.”

Here we are 51 years to the month (Aug. 28, 1963) after Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. articulated his vision for a color-blind society, and some things seem to be worse. “I have a dream …”
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  • James H…”Troublemakers and thugs.” Sounds like the kind of people Jesus loved…

  • Not one of the major news outlets lead with Furguson, some did’nt even cover it………….THANK GOD!!

  • Southeast,
    nope foxnews was the source, and from what has been reported he beat the officer up pretty good.

    • This story showed up a couple days ago from a blogger with a history false “information” on something called “gateway pundit” and then bounced around on places,like drudge and the rest of the rightwing blogosphere. Eventually picked up by fox news, which just happens to use that blogger as one of their occasional talking heads, of course still with the same “unnamed source” and supported nowhere else.

      Reposting here is no big deal, since this is the religious equivalent of those rightwing political echo chambers. But you seem to miss the irony of criticizing the media for hyping unsubstantiated stories and then immediately citing an exemplar of exactly that , which was the point of my post.

      • And of course, within another day or so that blogger story rehashed by Fox news and promoted here by James H was completely discredited.

  • If the media would get out of Ferguson, and quit putting the trouble makers and thugs on national news, it would stop a whole alot of things fast. As far as what happend to the office involved in the shooting with a damanged eye socket, should tell us we don’t know everything yet.

    • Interesting. You suggest the media are stirring up trouble and back that up by citing a report originating from a some blogger with a questionable reputation citing unnamed sources.

      • James H is correct. it takes attention away from other things going on, that most of us are unaware of, hence the no name sources.

    • James H,
      You are exactly right.

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