Friday, April 18th, 2014

Christians in Egypt are now facing the threat of kidnappings

egypt-kidnappingBy Sharona Schwartz

There has been a spike in the kidnappings of Christians in Egypt, further evidence of the precarious situation of the minority religious community in the embattled country, according to an investigation by the Christian Science Monitor.

Quoting church officials and Christian activists, correspondent Kristen Chick reported on Tuesday that more than 100 Egyptians in the last two and a half years have been kidnapped for ransom in southern Egypt, nearly all of them Christians. In particular, since the deadly clashes in mid-August between police and Muslim Brotherhood supporters during which hundreds were killed, “there has been a sharp increase in kidnappings.”

Of those, more than 80 have been kidnapped in Minya Province which is home to a large Christian population. “And victims, activists, and church officials say the police have largely ignored the problem, rarely taking steps to stop the kidnappers or bring them to justice,” Chick wrote.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote that Minya could be referred to as “Egypt’s capital of kidnappings. More people have been snatched in this city and Province than in any other place in southern Egypt.”



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  1. Stephen Schlarb says:

    Persecution of Christians has become pandemic over the past couple of decades. There is very little emphasis on this phenomenon, and very little organized prayer and support for our persecuted brothers & sisters. The incidents are horrific. I chair the Committee of our church (Woodhaven Pres. Church in Irving, TX) that focuses on the persecuted world. Only a handful of people are even interested in hearing about the issue. Here is a website that has a comprehensive database on persecution incidents in the world, well-organized, searchable by country or subject, with links to many sources of such news.

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