NEWLY REVISED: Churches that are seeking to leave or have left the PCUSA for another Reformed body: Updated 2/23/15 (PDF file of the chart can be accessed here.)

 Latest News

Is there any way to right the Rightmyer ruling?

PDF version of sample resolution in support of Joe Rightmyer

Joe Rightmyer’s open letter to his friends and former colleagues in the PCUSA

Rightmyer’s last sermon as a teaching elder in the PCUSA

PCUSA defrocks nationally recognized renewal leader

Defrocked by the PCUSA: An interview with Joe Rightmyer

Outrage over Joe Rightmyer, and the ultimate so what?


The PCUSA 2014: How we got here updated 7/24/14 by Carmen Fowler LaBerge

Timeline of ‘How we got here’

The Altered Identity of the PCUSA Updated 9/6/13 (download pdf)

Why marriage traditionalists are unprotected in PCUSA, by Alan F.H. Wisdom

Why the Authoritative Interpretation does more than you think, By Carmen Fowler LaBerge

Presbyterians’ procedural problems, by Joseph D. Small

Believers in unbelieving churches: What should be done by Christian people who are in a modernist church?

At what cost unity? by Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, executive director of The Foundation for Reformed Theology

The Church One and Holy, by Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, executive director of The Foundation for Reformed Theology

Can Two Faiths Embrace One Future

Five Solas: Reformation faith and the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Table: ‘Five Solas’ of Reformed Faith versus PCUSA


courtLegal issues: Ecclesiastical and civil

Time Requirements for Remedial and Disciplinary Cases: PCUSA Book of Order, The Rules of Discipline (flow chart)

Presbyterian Lay Committee’s Legal Resource Databank (legal documents; updated 2/27/15)

Presbytery Separation-Dismissal Policies

Beware of the reverter clause in dismissal process

Why my pastor’s pension is not at risk!

Is our former ‘southern’ church property safe?

A Guide to Church Property Law, second edition

GAPJC decision in Wilbur Tom, David Hawbecker and Thomas Conrad, vs., Presbytery of San Francisco

‘The Louisville Papers’

Per-capita resource: Responding Faithfully — Making Decisions about Financial Support of PCUSA Governing Bodies in Times of Disorder

PCUSA resource:Legal Resource Manual for Presbyterian Church (USA) Middle Governing Bodies and Churches, third edition (2010)

PCUSA resource: Negotiation and church conflict


denominational comparison-smDenominational comparisons

Biblical discernment regarding denominational affiliation

Comparison of basic beliefs and view points of three Presbyterian denominations  (EPC, ECO, EPC- updated 2/6/14)

13 differences between the PCA and the PCUSA

Differences between the PCUSA/ECO/EPC (comparison charts)

Los Ranchos Presbytery presentation on ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelicals (PowerPoint presentation)

Changing from the PCUSA to ECO? How can I learn more?


resources guidanceExamples of church discernment processes

Below are links to position papers and summaries of the discernment process for congregations that have made — or are making — a decision to leave the PCUSA.

Bonhomme’s (Chesterfield, MO) Denominational Discernment resources

Los Ranchos engaged in a presbytery-wide process.

College Hill PC, Cincinnati, OH

Colonial Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, Kan.

Westminster PC, Lubbock, TX

First Presbyterian Church of Omak: The Folder and Deep Discernment

Community Presbyterian Church, Danville, Calif.: Position Statement of the Session of Community Presbyterian Church Danville

Fremont Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, Calif.

The Watchman’s Cry, Woodbury Presbyterian, Orlando, Fla.

Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Ga.

Sunset Presbyterian Church, Portland, Ore.: Position statement of the session of Sunset Presbyterian Church

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Trinity Presbyterian Church’s Denominational Affiliation

New Wineskins’ webinar archive of the pastor panel discussion, gracious dismissal overview and attorney panel discussion

stay or goWhy stay?

Why choose the PCUSA? prepared by the Presbyterian Mission Agency (April 2013)

Why Stay video Part 1: A video from Tropical Florida Presbytery and Part 2

A series of Why Stay videos from Olympia Presbytery

Appeal by denominational leaders for churches to re-think leaving


I Choose This Day Resources