Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Discernment Resources and Denominational Comparisons


Churches seeking to realign their denominational affiliation from the PCUSA to another Reformed body: Updated 3/27/14

The Altered Identity of the PCUSA Updated 9/6/13 (download pdf) — Carmen is currently working on a update of this document utilizing the newly released 2012 Comparative Statistical report of the PCUSA.

How We Got Here (download pdf file)

Resources on Leaving or Staying in the PCUSA

Table: “Five Solas” of Reformed Faith versus PCUSA

Believers in unbelieving churches:What should be done by Christian people who are in a modernist church?

 Biblical discernment regarding denominational affiliation

Denomination Comparison (EPC, ECO, EPC- added 9/12/12)

13 differences between the PCA and the PCUSA

Differences between the PCUSA/ECO/EPC (comparison charts)

Los Ranchos Presbytery presentation on ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelicals (PowerPoint presentation)

Changing from the PCUSA to ECO? How can I learn more?

At what cost unity? by Dr. James C. Goodloe IV

The Church One and Holy, by Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, executive director of The Foundation for Reformed Theology

Can Two Faiths Embrace One Future

Five Solas: Reformation faith and the Presbyterian Church (USA)

 Five Solas

 New Wineskins’ webinar archive of the pastor panel discussion, gracious dismissal overview and attorney panel discussion

The NextWave Commission of San Diego Presbytery

The PCUSA’s Louisville Papers


Why stay?

Why choose the PCUSA? prepared by the Presbyterian Mission Agency (April 2013)

Why Stay video Part 1: A video from Tropical Florida Presbytery and Part 2

series of Why Stay videos from Olympia Presbytery

Appeal by denominational leaders for churches to re-think leaving


Church Conflict

Negotiation and church conflict resources


  1. Susan Woodside says:

    After a three year process, Maple Valley Presbyterian Church was dismissed from Seattle Presbytery to ECO at the 9/17/2013 meeting of Presbytery. I was disappointed that our church was not listed along with another church dismissed at the same meeting. While this slight is of little significance in our journey, as a ruling elder, I was looking forward to seeing our church in print-simply another acknowledgement of progress I believe is positive for our ministry. I did find our church listed in the spread sheet available at your website, so I know the information was available to print. Is there an explanation?

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