Equipping Studies by Carmen

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Equipping Studies

The Savor of the Savior! (Equipping study, published Fall, 2014)

‘Pruning Vines:’ Distinguishing between revision and reformation (Equipping study, published Spring 2014)

The mind of Christ is to please the Father (Equipping study, published Winter 2014)

Advent — Celebrating that He has come, we await His coming (Equipping study, published November/December 2013)

Blessed (Equipping study, published September/October 2013)

Discerning God’s pleasing and perfect will  (Equipping section, published July/August 2013)

Examining the real battle (Equipping section, published May/June 2013)

Westminster Confession of Faith — Of Providence (Equipping section, published March/April 2013)

A Journey Through II Peter and Jude (Equipping section, published January 2013)

Surveying Our Walk With Christ (Equipping section, published December 2012)

Wrath and Love (Equipping section, published November 2012)

We proclaim Christ (Equipping section, published October 2012)

Be a faithful elder (Equipping section, published September 2012)

Discerning between the spirits (Equipping section, published June 2012)

Resurrection reality: Special equipping section for Easter 2012

Equipping for effective witness at the 220th General Assembly of the PCUSA – (Equipping section, published March/April 2012)

Theology from the Fellowship of Presbyterians, Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians — The Essential Tenets (Equipping section, published Jan/Feb 2012)

The Lord’s Prayer (Equipping section, published November, 2011)

The nature of the Church (Equipping section, Published October 2011)

Feasting on the whole Word of God (Equipping section, Published September 2011)

Good Grief (Equipping section, published July 2011)

A time for strategic prayer (Equipping section, published April/May 2011)

Grace: A study of I Peter (Equipping section, published March 2011)

Confessing ‘the’ faith (Equipping section, published Jan./Feb. 2011)

Creation, re-creation and the promised renewal of all things (Equipping section, published Dec. 2010)

The Incarnation (Equipping section, published Nov. 2010)

Generosity (Equipping section, published Oct. 2010)

The Word (Equipping section, published Sept. 2010)

Revival (Equipping section, published Aug. 2010)

The nature and the value of human life (Equipping section, published June 2010)

The mystery of marriage (Equipping section, published May 2010)

Essentially Presbyterian (Equipping section, published April 2010)

Truth dare (Equipping section, published March 2010)

Fearless Faith (Equipping section, published Jan. 2010)

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  • I have enjoyed your publication for some time now. I don’t know of any other that is as rich in content and as relevant to the church in the 21st century. Ever since hearing Carmen speak at Cherry Hills Community Church a few years ago I have appreciated and admired her as a speaker and writer. Thank you for blessing our lives.

  • Our Pres. Church Women have been using the Bible studies of the PCUSA since the church’s inception (at least 25 years ago). Many of us are disappointed with the studies (their authors’ opinions and the lack of spiritual depth, etc.) but cannot find studies which are suited to our 9 once-a-month study and meeting schedule.
    As our PCW’s co-moderator for ’13 and ’14, I and many of my board members would appreciate studies which would be Scripturally sound, exciting and encouraging. Most of us are in our 60’s to 80’s and well-educated (many former school teachers and business leaders), desirous of studies which will truly help us individually and corporately.

    Carol M. Trotman

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