History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ is a ratings hit

AbrahamThe new epic TV miniseries “The Bible” is drawing huge ratings on The History Channel.

The History Channel said the premiere of “The Bible” attracted 14.8 million viewers. The first two-hour installment aired Sunday.

Four more episodes of the miniseries will be broadcast each Sunday night this month.

The series was produced by actress Roma Downey, of “Touched by an Angel” fame, and Mark Burnett, producer of reality TV shows like “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.”

“We’ve been working on this project for the past four years now, and are deeply honored to be given this once in a generation opportunity to breathe new visual life into the Bible’s profound stories,” the couple says in a statement.

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  • What I would love to see on TV is a series based on the ministry of Tim Keller, Redeemed Presbyterian Church in NYC. It would be urban, hip, and uncompromisingly orthodox Christian. I expect Pastor Keller has a wealth of material of interesting people who were lost and searching for answers until Jesus found them.

  • Credit is to be given for attempting – to tell the story once again. For the life of me DON’T – understand why all those attempting to share the BIBLE and its stories – get them so distorted adding things that aren’t even there – leaving out key details – and points – that aren’t that difficult to include – yet are key factors to understand – how AWESOME and POWERFUL the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY – YHWH IE YAHWEH – HIS SON – YESHUA – ie Gentile nickname – JESUS – and HIS HOLY SPIRIT really are – and that ISRAEL – is forever against all odds.

    I am prepared to right these wrongs – with Major Film scripts -Copyrighted LIB of Congress Wash DC / WSWG -of Hollywood – based on both world and most Jewish History – of some stories never told in film yet -accuracy is something that is lacking in all films involving BIBLICAL themes – and at 62 yrs of age – having worked in the industry and a member of SAGAFTRA – as a stunt action extra actor – if I live long enough – and have the Director/s – Producer/s – and or have the LORD provide the need resources – the world will see – heard and witness the TRUTH of the WORD OF GOD – called the BIBLE – once and for all in epic splendor of BEN HUR – GLADIIATOR – and even LORD OF THE RINGS. No boast or self bragging – just facts and real serious sincerity – I’m prepared to back up and deliver my – claims and statements.

    These scripts will be far more accurate and more real and literal than – even the timeless classics of Cecil B. DeMillie. I am able to back up this comment and statement – for any in the Industry – willing to take up the challenge and would have a desire to also – step up for the LORD to – right these wrongs and tell the real story – without HOLLYWOOD”S artist license and misconstrued and made up ideas – that don’t follow the TORAH or the BIBLE the way the accounts were written and recorded.

    14.8 million Viewers – rating? NUMBER 1# SHOW OF 2013 very IMPRESSIVE. Yet – media is both POWERFUL and IMPRESSIONIBLE – when there’s discrepancies or inaccuracies – those who have never read the BIBLE themselves or never will – they really don’t know the differences – mostly all the critics promoting the BIBLE Project – most are liberals – having never even read the actual stories completely much less have opened the BIBLE in months if not years . And in the Industry marketing and promotion are every thing – it will make or break you.

    Only a few Bible FILMS – have ever come close in accuracy – they are Jeffery Hunter – KING of KINGS – LORD of LORDS – Passion of Christ – John the BAPTIST – Michael York – and the JESUS FILM – King Saul – St JOHN – Richard Harrison – JACOB and JOSEPH Movies.

    Issues with – the – BIBLE TV Show – NOAH – ABRHAM – LOT – with Angels in Sodom – MOSES – JOSHUA – and tonight SAMSON – King Saul vs DAVID and Goliath etc. For the – four years of filming – more accuracy and staying closer to the actual text and what is actually written – would have BEEN more correct and accurate. Plus reviewing other films of like matter instead of recreating their own version and interpretations of the events would have helped greatly. But it is what it is! They could have learn much from YOU TUBE – the SINAI CONNNECTION -by MICHAEL ROOD and the RED CROSSING – CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF – PLUS SECRETS OF SOLOMON’S TEMPLE – AND THE ARK OF THE COVENANT ALONG WITH – TRUTH AND TRADITIONS.

    Plus the VATICAN or Catholic Church – was NEVER – THAT’S A LIE – started by YESHUA – OR EVEN ST. PETER – they crucified HIM – and USE ST PETER- for their own agendas – IT STARTED IN BABLE – under NIMROD – with the worship of the Sun God – with the crown worn by the POPE today – of heathen pagan -DAGON the FISH GOD – SHE went from Caesars / Emperors who were losing POWER their control of the people and Empire and it has never changed they have killed along with the JESUITS – TRUE BORN AGAIN Believers and JEWS – mostly in the 1500’s – and during HILTER – alike who have exposed and opposed HER – SHE will pay dearly for all her crimes – SHE / or IT – WILL END THE SAME AS BABLE – SODOM AND GOMORRAH – AND GREECE AND ROME AND THE USA MAY BE NEXT – ONLY THE LORD KNOWS – BUT WAIT AND SEE –

    SHALOM – a former Catholic back in 1960 – now a BORN AGAIN believer in YESHUA – YHWH – and THE HOLY SPIRIT – who seeks only THE TRUTH – AND TO EXPOSE THE LIE !

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