PCUSA stated clerk issues statement on Gaza crisis


Gradye Parsons

By Gradye Parsons

LOUISVILLE – “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all commanded by God to love God and our neighbor with our whole lives. Yet in the cradle of all three of these faiths, The death toll continues to rise.  Palestinian and Israeli fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children weep for those dear to them. This particular chain of events, another tragic evidence of the impact of the illegal Israeli occupation, began with the unjustifiable murder of three Israeli youth by Palestinians, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel.  The Israeli Military unjustifiably killed five Palestinians in pursuit of their murderers, Mustafa Hosni Aslan, Mahmoud Jihad Muhammad Dudeen, Ahmad Famawi, Ahmad Said Suod Khalid, and Mahmoud Ismail Atallah Tarifi.  Then Mohammad Abu Khedair was abducted and murdered by Jewish citizens of Israel.  In the wake of these terrible events, Hamas rockets have been indiscriminately fired, and Israeli Defense Forces have used overwhelming force.

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  • Lance says:

    I’m afraid the PCUSA isn’t any position to “demand” anything from anyone, having effectively reduced our voice to something to be mocked and made fun of after this last General Assembly. So sad.

  • Dr. Thomas Brown says:

    Each of the previously posted comments are spot on in my opinion. I might add that as Parsons lists the names of Palestinians that have lost their lives in the most recent military response that he is more careful as to who he blames. It is Hamas that uses innocents as human shields as the attempt to protect their indiscriminate weapons of death. It is Hamas that continued to rain down missiles on Israel following a cease fire.

    This presbyterian’s advice to the Israeli government would be to let the IDF do it’s job and destroy Hamas’ missile stash before calling the troops back across the border.

  • Kay Hill says:

    How naive these elitists in the PCUSA are. If they dared to go minister to the Palestinians, they’d be in danger of losing their lives. If they showed their Bible to Hamas, they might be be-headed.

  • Kay Hill says:

    PCUSA have chosen to side with Hamas. I choose to side with Isreal who is surrounded by terrorists.

  • Pastor Bob says:

    Parsons…bloated bureaucrat if ever there was one…would do well to read Krauthammer’s piece in The Washington Post. All it requires is an open mind!

  • Bruce Thompson says:

    So you call for the U.S. to use force to stop them from each using force against each other. Seems rather hypocritical. I have an idea Grayde. How about calling for the end of the killing of the 4,100 per day non-combatants that are still in the womb right here in the U.S.

    • John C says:

      “I have an idea Grayde. How about calling for the end of the killing of the 4,100 per day non-combatants that are still in the womb right here in the U.S.”

      In his delusional mentally disordered mind killing 4,100 is acceptable since this type of ethnic cleansing is on going riding the world of unwanted babies. Also, in his delusional mentally disordered mind, Israel, not the arab/islamic terrorists are wrong for using force against the killers called Hamas. He is calling evil good and good evil.

  • James H says:

    We look bad enough as it is after the GA, can the people in Louisville just shut the #*!! up, and just do their jobs [whatever that is] and stay out of foreign affairs. and leave it to the people who know what they talking about.

  • Dr. Thomas Brown says:

    What relevance does your comments have with respect to the subject of Parsons’ statements regarding Israeli response to Hamas missile attacks? And if it’s a waste of your time as you state why bother?

  • guest says:

    it’s very relevant. this website in continuously, literally around the clock, providing inflammatory subject matter, much of it creating chaos among the faithful, or worse. to be blindly sitting here reading whatever is being fed to you by a group of newspaper staff people who you haven’t thoroughly researched is no different from turning on your TV and believing everything that’s presented by the media.

    paid staffers here (we don’t even know that much) may be inciting splits among the faithful, you owe it to yourself to find out what you’re participating in. i’m telling you, based on what little i have found out so far it’s shocking who started with site.

    any time people are getting paid to speak you have to take it with a huge grain of salt. there are organizations who would love to take down Christian churches, all of them. by participating in this dialogue we are feeding in to that.

    most likely by the end of the month i’ll be gone. i do as the Holy Spirit says, don’t make plans, it’s not my call when i say enough is enough.

  • Dr. Thomas Brown says:

    I may differ from you in that, in my humble opinion, the PC-USA general assembly and the Stated Clerk has provided the bulk of “inflammatory subject matter”.

    In using the term “faithful” I wonder who it is that your faithful put their faith in, the Lord and His Word or the religious politicians within the General Assembly. Many of those who put their trust and faith in Jesus and his Word have voted with their feet or remain as a dissenting voice.

  • Kay Hill says:

    This website gives us an opportunity to respond to the votes in the PCUSA. I think those votes show anti-Semitism and no regard for the unborn.

  • Kay Hill says:

    What do you think about the votes that were taken in Detroit?

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