Prayer for persecuted Christians in Iran

Iran flag(Prayer information via OpenDoors)

Since Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s warning in 2010 of the ever-expanding influence and numbers of house churches, the treatment of Christians has rapidly worsened. The regime tries to destroy those who reach out to converts and seekers by monitoring services, arresting converts, banning Farsi language services and closing some churches. Attacks against Christian communities have increased, and the prohibition of house church activities is enforced more strictly. Yet the regime’s harsh treatment of Christians only further fuels the flames of church growth.


  • Preaching, evangelism and publishing Christian books in the Farsi language is illegal. Pray for protection for those seeking to spread God’s Word inside the country.
  • It is said that children of political and spiritual leaders are leaving Islam for Christianity. Pray that more Muslims will discover the truth of the gospel.
  • At least 40 Christians are in prison for their faith. Ask the Lord to sustain them.

Quick Facts About Pakistan:

Leader: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Government: Islamic Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 77.2 million (450,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Comments 1

  • We can do two more things. Confront our own denominational leaders with their tepid response to the plight of Christians being persecuted by members of the “Religion of Peace.” We can also appeal to our own nation’s leaders for more opportunities for Middle Eastern Christians to apply for asylum in the United States to escape this persecution.

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