Presbytery of Boise files lawsuit to reclaim church that already left

boone memorial boise idThe Presbytery of Boise filed legal action Thursday afternoon in Canyon County to recover Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, Idaho.

After failed attempts to be dismissed, Boone Memorial disaffiliated from the PC(USA) and joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).  Members who did not agree with the majority and continue to affiliate with the PC(U.S.A.), split off and have been meeting at The College of Idaho.


Comments 2

  • After looking at the ‘dismissal’ policy of the presbytery, there is nothing gracious about it. There is nothing about what the congregation needs to do, and everything about what the Presbytery can do to punish those that are thinking of leaving.

    Even the ‘so-called’ listening team, can act like an Administrative Commission with powers to look at financial and Session records. In fact, it is given powers that, arguably, should only be given to an AC.

  • This reads as if the presbytery is resting its hope on throwing the EPC congregation into the public square to leverage the culture’s view of sexuality to its advantage. It looks like an act of vengeance. This is a sick triangulation and exposes one of the follies of the trust clause.

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