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The Presbyterian Lay Committee works with many renewal partners with whom we are mutually committed to biblical faithfulness, the upholding of the theology espoused in the historic Reformed confessions, and the advancement of God’s purposes in and through the Presbyterian expression of the Church of Jesus Christ. Various partners answer the call to labor through particular ministries, but we are all mutually committed to the reformation and renewal of the PCUSA.


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  1. Kay Hill says:

    Please start a FACEBOOK page immediately and post one of your articles everyday.

    The PCUSA has 2 Facebook pages, where they spew their liberal propaganda everyday. I know Presbyterians who are clueless about the assembly votes. I will be happy to share every article you post on FB.

  2. jim lammer says:

    why is there no information on The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

  3. Beaver Butler Presbytery sounds the alarm! Executive Presbyter begs for churches to remain in the denomination. He says that the presbytery will violate the constitution and standards of the AI to maintain its own standards. Wow! Isn’t that what More Light Presbyterians have been doing for so many years? Watch next year when Beaver Butler Presbytery votes to change the definition of marriage since they have lost 2/3 of the biblical votes. Under Executive’s reign, the presbytery had 87 churches now down to 72 with three more requests and more to come! New Requests to leave the denomination: New Sewickley PC of New Brighton; Meridian UPC of Butler; and First PC of Beaver Falls. Wait – Are these churches and Beaver Butler Paying for Same Gender Benefits through Alan Adams healthcare plan? Sounds hypocritical? Does that violate the presbytery’s position already?

  4. Kay Hill says:

    Is there a way to know if someone has responded to your comments? Do you have an email system for that?

  5. Rev. Dr. Benjamin Williams says:

    Dear Carmen, et al.,
    Just reading highlights from the 2014 General Assembly at the PCUSA website. I saw that the Stated Clerks’ luncheon honored Mark Tammen this week with the Fred Jenkins Constitutional Services Award. Do I remember correctly that Mark Tammen was involved with that Louisiana Presbytery that was embroiled in a protracted court battle with one of their dissenting congregations? The court subpoenaed a trail of e-mails between the GA offices, Tammen (who is now in NY), a NY law firm, and the Presbytery, in which they acknowledged that the Presbytery case had no merit, but if they appeal often and long enough the congregation could run out of money and be unable to mount any more defense, and the Presbytery could then take their property. Meaning they were intentionally trying to deny the congregation its US constitutional right to fair hearing and judicial recourse – a Federal offense. The judge ruled the Presbytery (and cohorts) in contempt, slapped a large fine on the Presbytery and ordered them to pay the congregation’s legal expenses. That’s how I recall the sordid events. And now we’re giving this guy an award for constitutional services? Wow…

  6. Paul Richard Strange Sr. says:

    All denominations are experiencing problems which is nothing new. But, as a Christian who has really tried to understand sisters and brothers who cannot accept conservative convictions as compatible with Tony Campolo’s Democrat Party view of social compassion, it has become too much to try to do any longer. The local Episcopal Church is not hell-bent on the ordination of practicing homosexuals, even though their denomination might be. The conservative evangelical megachurches just entertain their regular attenders with rock music and pretend that they can stick their dispensationalists heads in the sand and ignore the rot of the culture. I can no longer attend church where the pastor almost worships the idea of gay ordination. The Christian call to reach out to all human beings is something that I firmly believe in. The perversion of that blessed goal to force paganism on Christians in presybyterian churches is not in line with that goal…it’s hideous betrayal of the One Who died and rose again!

  7. Wilma Andrews says:

    How do we get our church’s info into the dismissal database? We were released in October from the Presbytery of the James, VA, along with 3rd Pres. I see their info but not ours. Would like to have us included but not sure how to submit.

  8. Sandra Mandrick says:

    Please change my address from:
    251 College Place
    Norfolk, 23510
    255 College Cross
    # 63
    Norfolk, VA. 23510
    Eugene and Sandra Mandrick

  9. John Johson says:

    Do you church people know that TO BELIEVE IS A RESULT OF SALVATION, NOT THE REASON FOR SALVATION ? if you think that you are saved by believing in Jesus. You are being deceived big time. The only way to salvation is to cry out for His mercy.

  10. David Wenstrom says:

    Enjoy your publication very much. Keep up the good work.

  11. reuben says:

    to work together

  12. John Wright says:

    Re: May 20, 2013 Moore OK tornado
    Is there a coincidence that First Presbyterian Church of Moore OK no longer exists? Their church building at 824 NW 12th Street in Moore OK was destroyed by an earlier tornado? The church survived without viable support of Indian Nations Presbytery. They got restarted in a new location on south May Avenue in South OKC. The Presbytery took over this church by administrative commission. This congregation did not survive under the administrative commission. Now where is the Presbyterian Church to help the people in Moore and South OKC who were hit by the 20 May tornado? Is there a story here?

  13. Bob Bullock says:

    Our thanks to Nathan Key for the fine job he did on telling the story of West Isle Pres, Galveston, TX in an accurate and compelling way. We are grateful to the Layman for publishing it.

    Bob Bullock, pastor

  14. Wendell Sprague says:

    Please remove Wendell Sprague from your mailing list and any e-mails. He is deceased.

  15. Jack says:

    In the Nov. 2012 issue on page 5, you had a website listed to get information “to see if your pastor is standing against marriage….”

    Is that a legitimate site? My google brought it up but it seemed to be a conglomeration of confusion.

    Otherwise, I faithfully read the Layman and enjoy the bible studies offered.


  16. Mebane Presbyterian Church was dismissed from Salem Presbytery to the EPC on Tuesday, February 12.
    The terms for dismissal were $21,000.

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