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  • It seems to me that the battlefield should be: The use of the word Marriage. As far as I know, the word marriage and it’s specific definition is first and only found in the Holy Bible, in its’ first book -Genesis. Could a case be made that making or changing a law regarding the use of a word only found in a religious book violates the Amendment forbidding “…making any law regarding an establishment of religion…”?

    Personally, I have no problem with gay partners have a legally binding partnership or public exchange of vows between any two (or more) people, as long as the word “marriage” is not used in that situation.

  • Thank you for being a rational, conservative voice for the Presbyterian Church USA. In an environment of turbulence, you make a great argument reminding us of the basis from which all our thoughts and actions should proceed. I truly regret the recent decisions of the General Assembly; their decisions have served to deepen the schism within our organization, and further serve to heighten the unrest.

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