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    For first time in 1600 years, no Easter mass in Mosul

    Christians Struggle to Maintain Legacy versus ISIS Decimated by 12 years of war in Iraq and Syria, Christians find refuge in Kurdistan and in a new militia. By Gedalyah Reback […]

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    Video 02 | What does it mean to be Reformed?

    Carmen answers the questions: “What does it mean to be Reformed in one’s theology? And, what difference does being Reformed make when it comes to the current direction of the […]

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    You can’t skip Church

      The “skip church” billboard is part of a clever atheistic campaign targeted toward the Bible belt, including Nashville, Tenn., where I live. It is curious to me that a […]

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    No silver bullets

    The Rev. Donna Marsh, Fellowship Community In stressful times, everyone wishes for a silver bullet: one simple way out of a difficult mess, one thing to do to resolve interlocking problems. […]

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    ‘For the Life of the World:’ The Church

    Editor’s Note: To get the free 72-hour rental, visit The Gospel Coalition, download the current episode and enter the code provided. The Aug. 18 episode is “The Church,” and the code is […]

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    Where will all the refugees go? Where is “home?”

    Anticipating the flight of Christians faithful to the clear teaching of the Scriptures on marriage, the Roman Catholics are issuing a wide welcome to refugees fleeing the Presbyterian Church (USA). […]

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    Another 1000+ member Texas church leaves the PCUSA for ECO

    Windwood Presbyterian Church, a 1000+ member congregation just northeast of Houston, Texas has voted to disaffiliate from the Presbyterian Church (USA) and join the ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical […]

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    Five reasons your marriage needs church

    By Bryan Van Slyke Congratulations, you’re married. You will never need help from anything or anyone ever again. That’s dangerous thinking, but I’m inclined to believe a lot of newlyweds […]

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    Chinese Christians form human shield to protect church

    By Kelly Givens Thousands of Chinese Christians have camped in and around Sanjiang Christian Church in eastern China to prevent it from being demolished under a provincial campaign to curb […]

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    Should the church ‘get out of the marriage business?’

    By Andrew Walker Christians are frequently tempted to excuse themselves from the kerfuffle over same-sex marriage by insisting that the church should get out of the marriage business altogether. Many […]