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    ‘The Bible’ TV miniseries getting NBC sequel

    Reuters The Bible is getting a sequel. U.S. television network NBC said on Monday that it will produce a follow-up to the History Channel’s popular miniseries The Bible, which topped ratings […]

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    The Bible — Episode Five: The rest of the story

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli My purpose for reviewing History Channel’s five-part The Bible has centered on the ongoing need for Christians, and my Presbyterian tribe especially, to tell […]

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    The Bible — Episode Four and the power of narrative

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Good television and good storytelling involves, among other things, setting up a conflict and working it out to its conclusion. How we tell the […]

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    The Bible — Episode Four: Miracles and Ministry

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Continuing in our evaluation of the five-part series The Bible on History Channel, Episode Four weaves story threads artfully if not completely accurately. The […]

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    The Bible — Episode Three: Jesus enters a real world

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Episode Three of History Channel’s The Bible makes the leap from Old Testament to New Testament times. The fast-forward is appropriate to the feeling […]

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    The Bible — Episode Three disappoints

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Continuing our examination of the History Channel’s five-part series The Bible, the third episode that aired last night offered highs and lows, and overall […]

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    The Bible — hearing the promise is not always easy

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Monday I gave a rundown on the plot elements and poetic licenses issued for the second installment of The Bible on History Channel. Today […]

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    Hearing God’s Voice

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli In my review of The Bible: Episode One, I mentioned the voice of God as quiet and young-sounding. Noah, Abraham and Moses unmistakably heard […]

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    History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ is a ratings hit

    The new epic TV miniseries “The Bible” is drawing huge ratings on The History Channel. The History Channel said the premiere of “The Bible” attracted 14.8 million viewers. The first […]

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    ‘The Bible’ — All About the Promise

    By the Rev. Mary Holder Naegeli Last night’s opening installment of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s The Bible on the History Channel was alternately inspiring and curious. For a skeptic […]