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ECO And Egypt?!

ECO and egypt2

By Keith Hill, ECO’s blog Two weeks ago Fakhri Yacoub, Brian Stewart, my wife, Sarah, and I, had the privilege of representing ECO at the 150th anniversary of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. That was the event which occasioned our going, but our agenda was much broader—to build relationships with Presbyterians in one of the three …

What if they find out?


By Keith Hill The big debate of the summer was launched by Ed Snowden, when he revealed the extent of the NSA’s surveillance.  Some support such surveillance, since it helps prevent terror attacks.  Others oppose it because it gives the government too much power over us – power which may be misused.  Logical reasons can …

New challenges in a new day

Keith Hill

By Rev. Keith Hill Wow – suddenly life is different!  For nearly two years we’ve been in the thick of seeking dismissal from the PCUSA to a new denominational home, the ECO.  Tuesday the Presbytery voted to dismiss us, though not without some heated debate, and efforts by some to change the settlement agreement we …

When the walk of faith feels slippery

Keith Hill

Six area congregations started on this path together, seeking to depart from the PCUSA for a new denomination.  Given the way our Presbyterian Constitution works, with Presbytery having oversight of congregations and final say on our property, it’s felt like a vulnerable place to be.  So it has been a blessing to have some partners …

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