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Bergoglio: A pope of paradox for a church in transition

By David Gibson VATICAN CITY – A hierarchy looking to make a clear statement about where the troubled church is headed chose on Wednesday (March 13) the first…

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Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected as Pope Francis

By Nicole Winfield VATICAN CITY (AP) — Argentine Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope Wednesday and chose the papal name Francis, becoming first pontiff from the Americas and the…

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Cardinals begin process of choosing new pope

By John Waage The Roman Catholic cardinals who will elect a new pope to succeed Benedict XVI are arriving at the Vatican and have held their first meeting…

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Pope Benedict defends choice to resign in last public address

  By Allesandro Speciale VATICAN CITY – In his final public address, Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday (Feb. 27) forcefully defended his decision to resign while trying to…

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Poll shows Catholics want new pope to allow priests to marry

As the pontificate of Benedict XVI winds down, many American Catholics express a desire for change, according to a new survey report by the Pew Research Center. For…

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Can the Pope really resign?

I remember sitting at the top of the stairs at Edith and Wilbur’s house. Their television sat in the front room at just the right angle for me…

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