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Where will all the refugees go? Where is “home?”

Anticipating the flight of Christians faithful to the clear teaching of the Scriptures on marriage, the Roman Catholics are issuing a wide welcome to refugees fleeing the Presbyterian…

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Undermining the foundation of the Bible: a review of ‘A New New Testament’

Book review by Carmen Fowler LaBerge (corrected on 8/26/13) Have you always wished that the Bible said something other than it says? A self-elected group of 19 have…

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Pope Francis could foster ecumenism, help decentralize Catholic Church

By Andrea Madambashi Pope Francis’ installment as pontiff could lead to a major and significant impact not only in the Catholic Church, but also across all religions as…

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Baptism agreement articulates a common understanding

Leaders of five branches of the Christian Church have reached an agreement to formally recognize each other’s baptisms. The baptism agreement was signed by representatives of the Roman…

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Calvin on Lent and Ministry to Roman Catholics

The life and ministry of John Calvin provides insight into a range of ministry related issues—from biblical exegesis to training pastors to the effect of preaching upon civil…

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