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Where will all the refugees go? Where is “home?”


Anticipating the flight of Christians faithful to the clear teaching of the Scriptures on marriage, the Roman Catholics are issuing a wide welcome to refugees fleeing the Presbyterian Church (USA). In a post encouraging Roman Catholics to welcome the return of those who have wandered from “the Church” into Protestantism and ultimately found themselves in …

Undermining the foundation of the Bible: a review of ‘A New New Testament’


Book review by Carmen Fowler LaBerge (corrected on 8/26/13) Have you always wished that the Bible said something other than it says? A self-elected group of 19 have done just that. Led by a member of the Jesus Seminar, ordained members of Christian denominations including Episcopal (TEC), Presbyterian (PCUSA), Roman Catholic, United Methodist, United Church …

Baptism agreement articulates a common understanding


Leaders of five branches of the Christian Church have reached an agreement to formally recognize each other’s baptisms. The baptism agreement was signed by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and American Protestant denominations including the Christian Reformed Church in North America, Presbyterian Church (USA), Reformed Church in America and the United Church of Christ. …

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