It’s time to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Dr. Michael L. Brown  – Guest Columnist, One News Now

holybible_queenjamesbibleIf you are a Jesus-loving, Bible-based member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) – unless God has called you to stand as a prophetic voice of rebuke to the denomination or unless your ministry commitments to individuals make it impossible for you to leave – now is the time to make your exit.

The PCUSA has made its rejection of the Word of God official.

According to the denomination’s statement, on Thursday, June 19, “the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approved a recommendation from its Civil Union and Marriage Issues Committee allowing for pastoral discretion to perform ‘any such marriage they believe the Holy Spirit calls then to perform,’ where legal by state law.”

In other words, regardless of what the Scriptures plainly say, as a PCUSA minister, if you feel called to violate God’s Word and perform a same-sex “marriage,” follow your conscience, not the Bible.

This is a recipe for disaster and is nothing less than rebellion against the authority of the Word.

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  • Wow! What a bunch of haters! Do you folks also believe in a flat helio centric world just as all believed when the bible was assembled? If Jesus is the living God, than the faith can grow and change from his teachings and our continued learning. To do otherwise is like saying that he is dead and nothing can progress. The Bible is a collection of accounts, stories from people. If you believe in any of it you must believe that God worked through those men and women for those actions and accounts. That was over long periods of time so it clearly evidences an evolution in our understanding and relationship with God leading to the gift of salvation because of and through Jesus Christ. Why did that evolution in relationship all stop? No more interaction, no more prophets? God surely didn’t do with us as Pilot did with Jesus of Nazareth. Mankind put a period on the journal of man and God when the collection stopped. It seems doubtful that God stopped working with us, we seem to have just closed our ears and minds to any new information. We simply accept that the word ended on the order of King James……and even before. it’s left okd and dead from a time proceeding any modern knowledge or thought. A time when the sick were bled and further infected in an effort to heal them, the earth was flat and held aloft by enormous beast. I prefer to believe in a living growing word. You certainly have every right to embrace the model you prefer but not to work at undermining the faith of others. If they love Jesus, it’s enough by his word. If you disagree, stop whining and gritching and go to church somewhere else…….please just go away and leave those peaceful believers that try to follow his words…..alone. The meek will inherit the earth, love thy enemies, turn the other cheek, etc.., focus on being obedient to his tenets before you press your antiquainted stubborn wills on others.-RB

  • The leaders of the PCUSA should be not-so-gently reminded that there is **NO** forgiveness for Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I have always understood that deliberate apostasy and the Unforgivable Sin are closely related. For the sake of your own souls, for heaven’s sake leave the PCUSA!

  • This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Best wishes!
    Where are your contact details though?

  • Every position taken by this General Assembly is in lock step with the White House and the Democratic Party. If you read our new position on the prevention of gun violence, it is word for word those heard from Congressional Democrats and the White House. ALL of what was approved by the General Assembly is the political platform of the DNC. The stance on marriage, guns and the blatantly anti Semitic position on Israel and the Palestinians could be speeches from President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid or the other left wing loons of the Democratic party. When the Democratic party went hard left in the early 1980s, many solid Democratic states like my home state of Texas entered the GOP. With this action by the General Assembly I believe there is about to be another mass exodus only this time from PCUSA. Clearly this is a denomination that no longer cares to represent all of us, only those in the Blue states.

    • You are exactly correct. The PCUSA has become a political action committee rather than a church that is governed by Bible. It is a man made group! And not governed by a very wise group at that.

  • It was with much agreement that I read Michael Brown’s article, last week. Continuing to agree with his negative evaluations of the PCUSA’s bent and distorted positions, I would nevertheless encourage those who are able to plumb a little deeper, to pause and consider perhaps what options God may yet hold before some of His servants..

    Dr. Brown suggested that, “unless God has called you to stand as a prophetic voice of rebuke to the denomination or unless your ministry commitments to individuals make it impossible for you to leave – now is the time to make your exit.” While most of us may not feel called to be “a prophetic voice of rebuke to the denomination,” surely even we members in the pews have some deep and serious “ministry commitments to individuals,” as well as to the worshiping body. Surely, in this moment of crisis, we must warn, counsel, encourage, and act to rescue our local congregations (or as many of the members as possible) from the present circumstances.

    I do not want the weak or the weary to put themselves in harm’s way. I also do not want the parents of vulnerably impressionable children to put their children at risk. But, if your own trust and discipline in Christ have some depth, and if you have established already a basis for your children to understand the faith, wisdom, and hope in which you would reach out to endangered fellow believers, then don’t abandon the ship prematurely.

    Can your congregation be rightly persuaded to act? At the very least, test the waters. (The PLC’s sample letter may give you some initial idea about how to begin to go about this.) If you see that you will need to depart from the congregation, then surely you should consider articulating why–and in what Spirit–you are leaving. While the GA’s position on same sex marriage is wrong, it may be wise (and helpful) to note to others that this terrible error is in concert with other errors into which the PCUSA is fast falling. (Dr. Brown also spoke this way.) From the Belhar Confession, to divestment, to same-sex marriage, to abandonment of pre-born (and even post-born) children, and, finally, to the phobic avoidance of referring to persons of other religions as “non-Christians,” the GA has shown itself not merely to have lost its anchor, but to have turned against the Author of the faith. The point, in this, is to help others to see the general identity that the PCUSA is choosing with terrible consistency.

    May God help us each to speak with self-control, love, and wisdom. As allowed to us, may we rightly let others know our intentions and their reasons. May we note that congregations have good options–but only in Christ.. And, where it is true, may we truly call to self-awareness those congregations and their pastors that are already so utterly out of “harmony” and “unity” with the PCUSA that it is vain to pretend that there is any true alliance or allegiance.

  • I left years ago and became Catholic. I invite anyone interested to check out the Catholic Church.

  • Last weekend our PC (USA) church had a guest pastor & seminary dean preside over a Saturday evening gathering of elders & deacons as well as present the message for Sunday worship. Her message was basically the metaphor of two different type of local churches: The Rowboat Church – designed to be propelled by the power of the members rowing diligently. The Sailboat Church – designed to be blown by the wind (The Holy Spirit), powered & directed by the wind. It was a beautifully presented contrast of two visions of what a local church might be. Likely most churches are Rowboat churches. It was inspiring to imagine letting the Holy Spirit take over and be both the power source and director of the church.

    Unfortunately, within the PC (USA), even if the ship is redesigned with sails instead of oars and the Holy Spirit is invited to be our power source, the PC (USA) cabal running our church has its hands firmly on the tiller. They think they are best to determine the direction regardless of what direction the wind is from. Their map? Once upon a time it was only the Bible and its plain admonitions for what a church should be about and how followers of Christ should behave. No longer! That map has been supplemented by (or sometimes traded for) the left-wing political agenda. Pity the political independent or conservative who might suggest that they are steering in the wrong direction or using the wrong map. The ought to consider themselves lucky that they’re not shouted down or cast overboard. IF the PC (USA) continues to utilize a left-wing political agenda as a map for the church (even if a Sailboat Church), it is likely to end up beached or sunk by hidden rocks the political agenda could not foretell.

  • I am the pastor of a small PCUSA church that is mostly traditional. I suggested leaving after the gay ordination passed 3 yrs ago. The elders disagreed w/ gay ordination but didn’t want to rock the boat or pay for our property again. So I’m torn, but committed to this group.

    Please note, that this author, Michael Brown, is jewish & is partly responding to the divestment decision.

    • Your comment as a pastor is indicative of insensitive comments regarding jewish brothers. We live in a multicultural community where comments like these are considered offensive. Consider this irony: While Christians ar being slaughtered last week my Muslims, the pcusa takes the ridiculous step of divestment, when the survival of the state of Israel is paramount .

      • Why would a young person even want to become a pastor in the PCUSA? The fact that this denomination is pro-choice and anti-Isreal will turn off many. Recent statistics show that young people are becoming more pro-life. Good for them.

      • Jean, I don’t feel that his comment was slamming Jews at all. I’ve seen many, many “time to leave” articles and I have often wondered if the author was even a member of a PC(USA) church. James answered that question. It’s a bit dubious for someone to write an article calling for mutiny when they aren’t even in the boat to begin with. I have no problem with him writing this, but I feel that’s relevant. I’d feel the exact same if he was a Mormon, Buddhist, Baptist,…..

        • I have attended 3 prominent pcusa churches in cincinnati, oh and all f the ministers have been virulently and proudly anti Israel.

          • To continue, pcusa ministers have abandoned the teachings of the bible for progressive liberal politics. They have lead their congregations astray. why. They receive huge salaries and are motivated to stay w the pcusa.

  • I wonder how PCUSA congregations (and individual members) feel about the fact that a portion of the money they place in the offering baskets on Sunday morning goes to pay the benefits for same sex partners working in the PCUSA through the Board of Pensions?

    • I no longer give to the Apostate PCUSA, not 1 penny, and they can starve first, than get a real job rather than live off the people in the pews.

    • “”II wonder how PCUSA congregations (and individual members) feel about the fact that a portion of the money they place in the offering baskets on Sunday morning goes to pay the benefits for same sex partners working in the PCUSA through the Board of Pensions””

      Wonder no more, I do not, and will not give 1 penny any more to this apostate church, pcusa. They can starve, and better yet, for those living off the funds of the congregations, get a job, you will need it.

    • very proud, for justice and equality for the families of those who work in the Presbyterian Church was long overdue

  • How timely was the lectionary passage this Sunday, the first after the GA, Mat 10: 24-39. Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword. He said he would divide families, those who followed him & those who would not. The speakers at my church service drew a connection with the passage and how the PC(USA) is our extended church family with the GA being a wonderful family reunion. According to them everything was lovely and beautiful, a great big group hug. They are both young and the future of the PC(USA).

  • PCUSA is not immune to left wing fascism…they have chosen to glorify sin rather than help the sinner.

  • I grew up in the Presbyterian Church and left in 2000 when I discovered that pastors were getting abortion coverage in their medical plans. We became members of the Wesleyan denomination, which is conservative and Bible believing. It’s thriving with young families. After the recent votes of the PCUSA, I’m grateful I left when I did because this denomination will never change. It continues to get more liberal and more radical. They will use your tithes and offerings for things that may distress you and keep you awake at night. If you want peace in your mind and heart, move on.

    • Agreed. You are brave. God bless you

      • God bless you too. I tried talking to my pastor before I left the church I grew up in. He was a newcomer to the church where I spent over 40 yrs. He didn’t understand why I was so upset about pastors getting abortion coverage.
        I was confirmed there, married there, my kids were baptized there, my father’s funeral was there, and my daughter was married there. I learned right from wrong there, and I knew it was wrong for pastors to get abortion coverage.
        Actually, I didn’t leave that church. It left me. I’m very happy in my conservative Wesleyan denomination, and not just because the people are very friendly. I’m happy because they believe in the Bible.

        • Kay it is so sad that this denomination has been hijacked by liberals who have no fear of God and His Holy Word! I believe this denomination has left a lot of us! Now we need to decide what to do about it!

  • As I read the news of the GA this verse kept coming up.

    “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

    As I watched the “homosexual” parades celebrating depravity I was wondering “Why are you celebrating – see Bible verse above.”

  • Here is a new twist to this conundrum : I am dillusioned that our minister made us feel like there was something bad about us because we believed marriage is between a man and a woman. And also that we are pro state of Israel. What is a congregation member to do when the pastor and the session ostracize and criticize traditional adhering congregants?

    • The only thing you can do is call them on it. Usually people manipulate like that because we tend to respond to ‘authority figures’ deferentially. We back down. But when they are in the wrong, they can easily abuse this ‘power’. It won’t be pleasant – but when the king has got no clothes, somebody’s got to say it. Does the rest of the congregation agree with them?

    • Jean, you’re dealing with liberals, and it’s not possible for you to change their way of thinking.

      • Jean, you’re dealing with liberals, and it’s not possible for you to change their way of thinking.

        Mentally disordered apostates.

    • Jean, Many of us are in your situation. You should try to find another church. Until you do, you must speak out against the false teaching you see in your local congregation. There are very likely others in the congregation who agree with you, but need courage to speak out. You must provide them with encouragement. Study your Bible, be well equipped, and speak out!

  • I returned last night from attending my first General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Among several of the remarkable features of this EPC GA was that, out of the scores of commissioners I met during breaks, meals, chatting between meetings, etc., only one was a long-time member of the EPC. All the rest were former PCUSA folks who had made the transition in the past few years.

    And the EPC is bracing for another wave of incoming PCUSA congregations.

  • This denomination should not be viewed as the mission field; rather, the denomination should be equipping the saints to do the work of ministry. By staying in a denomination where there is no sin, no need for an atonement, a dismissive view of the authority of scripture, and a twisted definition of the gospel, believers are ill-equipped to be the salt and light of the earth. Believers will need to decide are they going to be faithful to Christ, or will they continue to play Don Quixote, trying to save the denomination.

    At this point, what is the difference between the PCUSA and any number of far-left organizations? This denomination should add opinions of Rachel Maddow to its Book of Confessions to make the transition complete.

    Why would any faithful follower of Christ remain in the God-forsaken wasteland?

    • The answer is that members don’t want to let go, They grieve for their church of long ago, but it’s time to move on. It’s also time to take the church out of your will.

    • You mean the city of Sodom which was destroyed by fire.

  • **So the answer to your hypothetical would be unclear, at least from the perspective of the discipline that PCUSA would levy upon the pastor.**

    So abomination is unclear??? The PCUSA officially now is Totally Depraved, Apostate, a ship without a rudder headed for the deep depths of Perdition. Homosexuality=Abomination.

  • Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  • Religion is so boring.

  • Little by litter, vote by vote, the once Mainline Denominations vote to put the train on a line to nowhere in particular. And line to nowhere
    ends up in a cultural cul d sac.
    When the culture changes, the train to nowhere has nowhere to go, because whatever witness or vitality is expended, used up.
    Social experiments in 19th century America began as communistic experiments. In due course, most failed and Charles Nordhoff catalogues the history of each in his “The Communistic Societies of North America.”
    Some future church historian will write the history of American Reformed and Presbyterian decline and virtual disappearance from
    the nation’s life.
    I find instructive that the major denomination that is growing is the
    “Assemblies of God.” Charismatic and holding the Bible up as
    the Word of God.
    I wonder if the next GA might include a learned presentation on why does some churches [not just Presbyterian congregation] grow. What do these churches do well. And also invite Os Guinness, an Evangelical Anglican, who lives in Virginia, to give
    a presentation on “Can Freedom Last?”
    About half of the GA commissioners would hate the truths they would have go face because their allegiance is to the culture, not
    the Christian faith or Faith in Christ.
    Longdrycreek Ranch – Texs Panhandle

  • For a view of how one church has responded thus far, go to or

    Don’t hide, run away, or quit.

    Salt and shine!

    • I am a member of the Summerville, SC Presbyterian Church, the Church here has adopted the General Assembly’s new Demonic wisdom.

      But Let us Stay True to Jesus Christ and His Holy Word above all things.

      The Lord will continue to bless us as we stand Strong in His Word.

  • Question: A hypothetical pastor, married w/ kids, is caught cheating on his wife. Is he to be held publicly accountable for his behavior, even if that means his kids hear about it, or is he allowed to resign w/ some cover story and remain a pastor with his denomination, free to take another church call later?

    I ask because that also touches on marriage and pastor sexual behavior, just like what the GA is doing w/ marriage and ordination standards.

    • No way is he allowed to remain a pastor until he repentsand then he could be reinstated. All sins are forgivable. But no he should not be protected.

      • Repents to who (other than God – as a practical matter human beings have to do the reinstating)? The session, the congregation, Louisville?

        • It would depend on the specifics of the Book of Discipline (or Book of Order) if the discipline sections are combined. Most likely it would be the Session and probably Presbytery. If it were made public to the congregation, then the congregation would have to be involved as well. If there was genuine repentance and confession, all three of those entities would have to be involved. There would be no actual stoning involved. A lack of repentance would mean his removal as pastor, which would need session, congregational, an presbytery involvement. It would probably not involve Louisville unless there were an appeal of Presbytery’s action.

    • Scott,
      Don’t get it twisted. It’s not the conservatives or evangelicals that are playing hermeneutical gymnastics and moralizing like it’s going out of style. Legitimate evangelicals consistently demonstrate a call for sinners to repent; which is in accordance with the Bible and the Westminster standards. Regardless of what the sin is, murder, adultery, rape… You name it. You used an interesting phrase “public accountability”. That verbiage, quite frankly, tacitly supports the heretical supposition that forgiveness and/or redemption is accessible by way of consensus. This is the same calculus that has led to the descent of the Presbyterian Church USA to the morally hideous abyss it is now.

      • “That verbiage, quite frankly, tacitly supports the heretical supposition that forgiveness and/or redemption is accessible by way of consensus.”

        No, not consensus, just a public confession to the flock he would have necessarily betrayed when he cheated. Are you’re saying only God can forgive, and the opinion of anyone you may have hurt is therefore irrelevant because they are mere humans?

        “hermeneutical gymnastics and moralizing like it’s going out of style”

        Deuteronomy 22:22 says both offenders “shall die” when adultery happens. I’m assuming that would involve some sort of public explanation to the congregation when their pastor is stoned to death by the session, wouldn’t it?

    • The difference is that your hypothetical pastor has betrayed and lied to his family and close friends, so he knows he has deeply hurt other people even without Scripture.

      On the other hand, a gay pastor can now enter into a committed, monogamous relationship, be completely sincere and open about it, then proceed to live his/her life in an otherwise Christlike manner: unselfish, quick to aid those in need or defend those unfairly persecuted, utterly faithful to family, friends, community.

      Will people forget that such a pastor is an abomination? Will they want to follow this pastor’s example instead of holding to time-honored interpretations of the Word? Will children grow up to demand faithful, fair and compassionate leadership in the Church, while not even caring about propriety or the Law of Moses?

      Dr. Brown is correct, Scott. The Presbyterian Church will soon be a completely different institution, utterly removed from traditional Christian values.

    • In order to legitimize homosexual behavior, the prior General Assembly removed the requirements that a pastor be “faithful in marriage or chaste in singleness.” In other words, adultery and fornication are no longer bars to serving as a pastor in PCUSA. So the answer to your hypothetical would be unclear, at least from the perspective of the discipline that PCUSA would levy upon the pastor.

    • A Pastor must Remain Faithful to God and his wife other wise he is unfit to lead the church.

      • A Pastor must Remain Faithful to God and his wife other wise he is unfit to lead the church.

        Not anymore according to the PCUA, you could do what you want, when you want, and how you want, since the PCUSA is no longer guided by the Holy Bible, and are you not surprised???

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