Why are we turning a blind eye to Christian genocide?

Churches have been bombed, men, women and even children have been dragged into the streets and beheaded and houses have been marked with ‘death stamps’. In addition to these atrocities, around 40,000 people from Iraq’s various religious minorities have found themselves stuck on Mount Sinjar after fleeing for their lives, with hundreds dying of heat and thirst.

The wave of terror sweeping across an already deeply troubled country is another reminder of the very real threats posed by Islamic extremism in the Middle East. As so often in these situations, there has been much verbal public condemnation from the United Nations and other establishments but little practical action has been taken to prevent it.

Christian leaders have spoken at length to call for action with a spokesperson from Pope Francis calling on the international community, “to protect all those affected or threatened by the violence, and to guarantee all necessary assistance – especially the most urgently needed aid – to the great multitude of people who have been driven from their homes, whose fate depends entirely on the solidarity of others.”



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  • My wife and I are struck by how little the Protestant Church has said in a broadly publicized way about this Christian/Muslim/other genocide in Iraq,& Syria (as well as China,and N.Korea).I’ve received emails from the Anglican Church in North America about it,with whom I have contact as an interested bystander,not as a memeber (yet). I’ve had to dig to find other statements about it from churches other than the Roman Catholic Church, who has spoken out through the Pope. On google I find at the top a statement by Catholic League President Donohue, and other newsy articles about the genocide,but crickets from the other denominations. There has so far been not a word from the pulpit of my local church ,despite TWO prayer requests to have communal prayer for the victims and the perpetrators of this genocide. We Christians all need to be in prayer and fasting about this.I think it calls for more than praying in church on Sunday, something larger,like a vigil, or special services. Let’s not be silent while our brothers and sisters of all ages face these atrocities, and die horrible deaths.

  • I understand perfectally why no one is doing anything about the persecution of Christians in Middle East. It would entail saying that the Muslim extremists are evil and that wouldn*t be nice. And un niceness is the mortal sin of our time. We are also so quilty about how the bible is so judgmental even Christians feel we must shut up and let Satan swallow the world. We are confused about turning the other cheak and so we are not being wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove In fact we cooperate with the devil by being silent because we are not seeking the Lord and hoping that they will just kill Christians over there and let us alone. But little by little we are finding that the water temp is being turned up for us as well and that water is gasoline and waiting for a match to set us on fire too.

  • Why??? No guts unlike the Muslims who think nothing of killing anyone who blasphemes the name of Allah and or Muhammad, not that we should kill, NO, but we should let it be known we will not take it any more of anyone killing Christians. Backward Christian soldiers is our cry.

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