Why a “Fellowship” of Presbyterians? A response from within the PCUSA

FOPThe Fellowship of Presbyterians

The Fellowship of Presbyterians was created in 2011 to help individuals and congregations who are committed to building flourishing congregations who make disciples of Jesus Christ. In early 2012, ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians was formed. While some who have joined The Fellowship anticipate an eventual transition into ECO, the majority of Fellowship members are committed to ministry within the PCUSA for the long haul. So why a “Fellowship” of Presbyterians within the PCUSA? Here are some of the reasons.

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  • Sorry — where’s the link to the article?

  • amen to Eric Wells! I also bailed out of the PCUSA when they passed 10A and decided they would ordain those to the ministry whose lifestyle is degenerative and destructive. There is and will continue to be a fallout from the PCUSA as the sheep leave for green pastures preferring not to follow anyone else but the Lord.

  • I stopped praying for renewal in the Presbyterian Church (USA) a long time ago. I pray only for those who grapple with the contractual quagmires involving leaving it. It became resoundingly clear that those who remain in the PCUSA who cling to the traditional Biblical truths and catechesis of the faith are behind enemy lines. That’s all there is to it!
    History offers us a virtually limitless repository of examples of valiant-hearted people (D. James Kennedy, J Gresham Machen and countless others) who endeavored to rail against the tide of revisionism. Please read my blog article on the subject.

    • The PCUSA is a sinking ship with modernists who are delusional running the ship from Louisville, KY, blind leaders of the blind which will one day fall into the lake of fire.

      We are to come out from among the apostates, however, what will the conservative groups offer other than holding the line until one day apostasy will rule the day.

      Unless we have a a true revival in the USA, we are doomed because of our disobedience as was Israel. Israel is the example of disobedience, and Israel lost its exceptionalism as will the USA thanks to the phonies calling themselves Christians even some Bible believing Christians who now want to join them if you cannot win them, the Bill Warren philosophy.

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