This is a moment: The inauguration of Dr. Mark Labberton


Mark Labberton

Fuller Theological Seminary

“This is a moment.”

It is a moment of significant transition for Fuller Seminary . . . of unprecedented change in higher education . . . of dramatic and profound change in the church . . . of extraordinary turbulence in institutions across the globe.

But, says President Mark Labberton, “If God is God, and if God has spoken in Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world, then none of this personal or global reality lies beyond God’s arms.”

Dr. Labberton offered these words in his message to the community at the Service of Presidential Inauguration held Wednesday, November 6, at First United Methodist Church in Pasadena. And it was indeed a moment—a moment of inspiration, celebration, and joyful splendor as Fuller Seminary officially installed Mark Labberton as its fifth president.

Approximately 2,000 people from countries across the globe descended upon Pasadena to honor Dr. Labberton and celebrate their commitment to Fuller Seminary at the Wednesday morning service and two additional inaugural events. Over 50 delegates representing other academic institutions were also in attendance.