The battle for life endures — and so must we

abortionBy Rob Schwarzwalder

The abortion battle is neither won nor lost, which is why Christians have to keep waging it.

Consider two recent items in the news. The first from CBS News: “Oregon incinerator may have been burning tissue from aborted fetuses.” Local officials expressed dismay and anger. “I’m sorry I didn’t know that this included fetal tissue, but now that I do know, believe me things change,” Marion County (Oregon) board of commissioners chairman Sam Brentano said. “We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” according to Marion County commissioner Janet Carlson.

Well, good. The conscience is not dead in Marion County.

But if one takes the argument of the “pro-choice” movement to its wholly logical conclusion, there is no reason for outrage. If the growth within the womb is not a person, it is merely disposable tissue, not dissimilar to a metastasizing tumor or a cirrhosis-filled liver. Once discarded, it is mere waste to be mixed-in with other medical effluvia.

Yet the sheer callousness of this brutal assessment does violence to the “law written on the heart” (Rom. 2:15). Whatever the rationalization, we know that burning “fetal tissue” is barbaric and evil. Our hearts and minds intuitively rebel against it. We know that this “tissue” was once a living person, completely vulnerable, under current U.S. and Canadian law, to destruction within the womb.