Lloyd Lunceford Video Series Banner Bar June 2015

Lloyd Lunceford, lawyer and emeritus board member of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, answers a series of questions that churches frequently ask. Each video is 3-5 minutes long, providing you with a brief and helpful answer. To see each video, click on the title.

Video #1:  Introduction to Lloyd Lunceford

Video #2:  Where do we even begin?

Video #3:  How do we retain a lawyer?

Video #4: What is the relationship between a local litigator and a national church property expert?

Video #5:  Do civil courts have the right to hear a church property dispute?

Video #6: Can our church leave the denomination and also maintain possession of our property?

Video #7 : What is a trust? Are there different kinds of trusts? How do trusts relate to ownership?

Video #8: Has there always been a trust clause? Is the new trust language (from the early 1980s) a brand new thing?

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NEW!  Answers to FAQ’s from local congregation in discernment Feb. 2016

 Religious liberty in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage.

 Where is my ecclesiastical backstop?

A Christian Response to the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage 

Standing Firm:Presbyterians Respond to the Changing Definition of Marriage

FAQ Video #01: Introduction to the series

FAQ Video #02: What do we do now that Amendment 14-f has passed? 

FAQ Video #03: How do Presbyterians understand what it means to be Reformed?

FAQ Video #04:How did we get here? (PCUSA)