Christian alternative to Boy Scouts plans first convention in Nashville

boysBy Quint Qualls

Nashville is slated to host the initial convention of the national online coalition “On My Honor” — a new Christian-based alternative to the Boy Scouts of America — in early September.

OMH officials said they will unveil program information, the organization’s name and other branding information at the convention Sept. 6-7. The details of the convention — including the venue and reasoning for the location — are forthcoming.

“Much of this is still in the planning stages,” said Jameson Cunningham, OMH spokesman.

The Boy Scouts of America will hold its own national convention in Nashville in May 2014.

Rob Green, interim director of On My Honor, said tens of thousands of families called for a new “morally consistent” youth organization after the BSA voted to allow openly gay members in its organization. Green emphasized that the new coalition is not interested in any political agendas.