As part of the “informing and equipping” mission of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, we will periodically update this area of the Web site with useful ministry resources. Links also will be posted to the Layman Online home page highlighting particular toolbox items and directing users to this area. If you have an equipping resource you’d like to share with our readers, please forward the information [email protected]

Equipping Section (an ongoing resource which was published in newspaper The Layman)

NEW to the Equipping Toolbox! updated 9/23/14

Mother Teresa, spoke to commissioners at the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1988, challenging many to re-think their views about abortion.


Acton Institute: Os Guinness with Father Robert Sirico on The West’s Augustinian Moment


An Atheist’s Journey to Faith – Holly Ordway, PhD


God’s Great and Precious Promises, desiringGod.com

The Gospel Coalition’s 2014 Women’s Conference is now available on Vimeo.Enjoy learning from dozens of workshops, plenary addresses from Nehemiah, and other resources captured at this remarkable event. 



Listen as Carmen participates in a discussion on “Hearing God’s Voice in a Noisy World” on Innovate 4 Jesus

Read Carmen’s comments on “Should the Church be a Safe Place?” on Innovate 4 Jesus


From the Foundation for Reformed Theology: Bibliographies for the study of Reformed theology by the seminars of the Foundation for Reformed Theology

Ligonier’s 2014 National Conference — Overcoming the World: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture (Watch the entire conference online for free)

Carmen on The Janet Mefferd Show (3/5/14): Carmen and Janet discuss Zionism Unsettled (interview begins at the 20:11 mark)

Carmen on The Janet Mefferd Show (12/26/12): Guest host Dr. Alex McFarland talks with Carmen (interview beings at the 20:25 mark)


“Erosion Alert: How Firm Is Your Foundation?” Sermon by Carmen Fowler LaBerge at First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, Fla.

Podcast by Carmen Fowler LaBerge, “When Churches Lose Footing,” The Vital Connection.

“How We Got Here” Presentation by Carmen Fowler LaBerge at Westminster PC, Lubbock, TX

Sermon:  “Living into the Upward Calling,” (MP3 audio download) by Carmen Fowler LaBerge, preached 11/11/12

Sermon: “Hallowed be thy name” by Carmen Fowler LaBerge, preached 9/9/12

Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters: Tony Reinke interviews Gerrit Scott Dawson, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and author of Jesus Ascended: The Meaning of Christ’s Continuing Incarnation (P&R, 2004), a standard theological work on the topic, and Jonny Woodrow, pastor, theologian, and director of the Porterbrook Network headquartered in the United Kingdom. He is the author of a fantastic little book just released under the title Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God (Christian Focus, 2013), a book he co-authored with Tim Chester.

Jesus the King: John Stonestreet interviews Dr. Timothy Keller, who defends the historical trustworthiness of the Gospels, and unpacks the cosmic implications of Christ’s resurrection.

 The Gospel Coalition 2013 National Conference: 78 talks are now available online. All of this content is free to be used and shared around the world

Ligonier’s 2013 National Conference: No Compromise, February 21–23 (Listen to this entire conference online for free)

Ligonier’s 2012 National Conference on The Christian Mind, March 15-17
Sproul: ‘Your life will tell me what you think in your heart’ (Listen)

Sproul Jr. asks ‘Are we willing to trust our heavenly Father; to believe what He tells us?’ (Listen)

Ferguson addresses ‘Losing my religion’ at the Ligonier conference (Listen)

Tackett: Live into the Christian meta-narrative or seek to write your own story (Listen)

Godfrey: Expose the shepherds of death, and engage the world for the shepherd of life (Listen)

Lawson: A foolish message, a foolish messenger and a foolish method (Listen)

Sproul: Loving God must include the mind (Listen)


Our favorite equipping resources
 Bible reading plans

Tim Keller’s New City Catechism

Layman.org’s “Foundations of the Faith” Bible Study on The Lord’s Prayer

Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ

Is faith in Christ optional or an operating premise for salvation?
by Robert A.J. Gagnon, Ph.D.

Wrestling the wheel from God: Theological roots of the current crisis in Christianity

The hidden work of prayer that is advancing the Kingdom of God

How to spot a health church in 30 seconds (01/14/2011)

Known Only to God – Sermon by Alan Wisdom (01/6/2011)

How can I discern what ministry God wants me to pursue? (12/02/10)

Why truth matters (10-29-10)

Biblically-faithful, supplementary notes on Horizon’s “Journeys Through Revelation”
(Lessons 1 & 2 available now. Additional lessons will be posted each month)

Covenant Theological Seminary’s Living Christ Today 

Review of Logos Bible software (9-21-10)

Foundation for Reformed Theology: Better Preaching, Better Teaching, Better Pastoral Care (9-21-10)

A rap for learning the Greek alphabet (9-21-10)

Watch Lloyd Lunceford’s presentation on church property law at the Presbyterian Lay Committee GA breakfast (8-24-10)

The case against marriage courtesy of Newsweek (8-18-10)

Churches losing out on funds because of poor preaching on giving (8-18-10)

TheBibleStudyHour.org – A radio program of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (8-18-10)

These Sheep Bite: A Community for Pastors and Church Leaders (6-25-10)

Community 321: Discussing faith, God, life and everything else (6-25-10)

The mission of the church is the centerpiece of a Biblical faith (6-25-10)

McNeal offers mission leadership advice (6-25-10)

Seven ‘vital signs’ are hot button topics (6-25-10)

Together for the Gospel conference audio and video (5-20-10)

The Big ‘Ol Body of Christ, by Priscilla Shirer (5-6-10)

Conference tackles tough questions (4-27-10)

How to talk to a heretic, by John MacArthur (4-19-10)

Southern Evangelical Seminary event will uphold marriage (2-23-10)

RTS offers free content on iTunes (2-9-10)

Purpose Driven Presbyterians (1-25-10)

Spiritual Gifts inventory (1-25-10)

The Truth Project (1-25-10)

A Primer in Reformed Theology (1-14-10)

Watch the Let’s Strengthen Marriage Webinar (1-13-10)

Luasanne Fellowship (1-9-10)

Rural S.C. churches find strength in numbers (1-5-10)

A gamer-friendly way to read The Bible (12-22-09)

Advent Conspiracy challenges Christians to take back Christmas (12-10-09)

TLN president: Positive connections help reach audiences (12-9-09)

New media ministry wants to offer Reformed, Biblical voice (12-4-09)

Programs introducing more students to God’s Word (12-3-09)

The Manhattan Declaration (11-24-09)

U.S. Marriage Index (11-17-09)

Greg Ogden sermon series: Is your church making Christians or disciples? (10-8-09)

Donated Bibles help spread the Gospel (10-16-09)

IRD’s Mount Nebo Papers equip Christians for marriage debate (8-20-09)