Falling short of the Solas

By Carolyn Poteet

SolasAlmost five hundred years ago, Martin Luther stood before the Diet of Worms and declared, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” He and other Reformers identified five essentials of the faith that they could not compromise: Sola Scriptura—Scripture Alone, Solus Christus—Christ Alone, Sola Gratia—Grace Alone, Sola Fide—Faith Alone, and Soli Deo Gloria—To the Glory of God Alone.
While the issues that caused the Reformers to lift up the Solas may be different today, the importance of the Solas as boundaries of authentic, biblical Christian faith remains the same. In this article, we will look at the original issues at work in the church that gave rise to the Solas. Also, we will look at liberalism’s rejection of the Solas today and then finally we will look at how we can restore an understanding of the Solas in the church.


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