Hold Fast the Faith

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We highly recommend this Devotional Commentary on The Westminster Confession by Matthew Everhard. This is a much-needed resource not only for pastors, but also for lay people who want to grow deeper in their understanding and love for the Sovereign God!

Everhard takes the majestic Westminster Confession of faith (1647) and builds a bridge to 21st century believers. It is neither an academic study, nor a watered-down piece with no punch. Rather, Everhard takes even the most difficult and controversial aspects of the WCF both in an easy-to-grasp historical sense, and in a manner that moves powerful truths into the hearts ands minds of believers.

This is a not lightweight book, but neither is it too dense or inaccessible. It is, in this reviewer’s opinion, “just right” as a rich devotional tool.

Everhard writes, “This book is intended to be a guide to help you work through the Westminster Confession of Faith on a transformational level, not merely an intellectual level. In other words, my goal in this book is to help you to pray through this Confession in a way that fosters personal transformation and spiritual growth. Weighty matters of the Confession’s historical composition will not bog you down. Neither will you find yourself stumbling over the various changes, amendments, and alterations that have been imposed upon the text, as various denominations sought to make it more palatable. In the rare case that these discussions are necessary, notes will be provided for your convenience.

“While this book is not intended to be academic, neither is it intended to be “easy.” The real work of the heart never is. My hope is that this book will be of primary importance to three groups of people. 1) Impassioned lay persons who are enflamed with a desire to go much deeper into theological truth than is possible in a typical Sunday School class, 2) seminary students from the Reformed tradition that are hoping to discover the power of this Confession, and 3) pastors and elders who would like to show their flocks the richness of our theological heritage in order to fan into flame a greater zeal for the glory of God . . . . [I]t has served as an inspiration to countless souls, and it is my conviction that it will benefit you too “until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19).”

Each chapter is arranged in the following way:

  1. Prepare in prayer:  A brief pray to ready your heart.
  2. Reach Back: Small commentaries about that section of the WCF.
  3. Search Inward: Exercises designed to lead deeper into your own soul and reflect on your own life.
  4. Gaze Upward: A section designed to prompt the reader into praise of the Sovereign God.
  5. Step Out: A section designed to prompt action in your life, so that you are not simply a hearer of the Word, but a doer.

Everhard is clear to state that reading confessions is no substitute for a direct reading of Scripture. Therefore, this devotional commentary is filled with Scriptural references that should be read as a part of its use.

We believe that this resource can be a great blessing to the spiritual life of many.

You can find this resource here.