A letter to Mission Presbytery

letterBy Michael Robinson


Dear Stated Clerk,

Thank you for your willingness to listen to my thoughts and concerns regarding the serious doubts I am having about the Presbyterian Church USA and my continuing ability to serve within it as an Ordained Elder.

I consider the members of the First Presbyterian Church here in Uvalde to be my friends and church family. Because of this, it makes my deliberations about asking the session of my church to lay aside my election as an ordained elder of the PCUSA extremely difficult. While there have always been differences between the members of this church and the previous PCUSA church where my wife and I were once members, the First Presbyterian Church of Temple, Texas, I never doubted that my brothers and sisters in Christ were sincere in their faith and made a genuine effort to respond to God’s grace and mercy with their utmost abilities. We didn’t always agree but despite our differences we listened to one another and respected each other’s ideas.

That being said, over the years, when I followed the decisions, words and actions of the higher levels of the Presbyterian Church specifically, the General Assembly and to some extent the Presbytery, I have been saddened, angered, and grieved over the interpretations of scripture and the churches efforts to support and promote leftist and socialist political agendas within the arena of the United States Federal Government.

For example, a few years ago, I was horrified to find the PCUSA signed on with a number of other church denominations supporting the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also know as Obamacare.

About that same time frame, I asked a pastor who served as the Interim Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Uvalde about actions the PCUSA has taken to promote and further secular political agendas and he told me that this type of political activism happens all the time.