Moderator Rada and Ali Abunimah of the radical Electronic Intifada


Ali Abunimah

By Viola Larson

The Office of the General Assembly has published, on the Presbyterian News Service site, a column by Moderator Heath K. Rada “Experiencing the breadth and depth of the PC(USA).” Rada writes about his many activities as moderator. One was his meeting with the founder of the The Electronic Intifada, Ali Abunimah. Rada does not state that Abunimah is the founder of the Electronic Intifada, instead he writes:

When I returned to my home in Montreat I was offered the privilege of meeting with Ali Abunimah, a well-known Palestinian author and journalist and frequent guest on CNN and other news programs. Ali was in Asheville to speak at a gathering of Quakers, and to hold a book signing. Ali shared with me the gratitude of the Palestinian people for the help Presbyterians have given with interpreting their pleas for peace and justice. He understands we are a divided church over the best way to be involved, but said our historical stand for justice for all of God’s children is admired throughout the world.

Perhaps the Moderator does not know about the book Abunimah wrote,One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse, insisting that there be only a one state solution which should not be a Jewish state.

The Moderator fails to acknowledge that the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), while attempting to assure the Jewish people of the United States and Israel that we will hold to a two state solution, nevertheless, are looking at the possibility of changing that policy. And Rada’s visit with Abunimah is just a push in that direction. Remember a one state solution means that the Jewish safe haven would no longer exist; there would then be just one more Arab state.