OneByOne Announces New Leadership

one-by-one-logoBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – OneByOne proudly announces the appointment of Adam Woods to the leadership position of Executive Director for the ministry. OneByOne seeks to equip churches with resources for those in conflict with their sexuality. Jeff Winter, Chairman of the Board, shares that Woods is a Gordon Conwell seminary student from New England who has insights on today’s generation.  A graduate of Milligan College, TN he is passionate about connecting with church leaders who want to minister to people struggling with sexual brokenness. 


“As the Executive Director for OneByOne God has given me a unique and profound opportunity to minister to those in conflict with their sexuality,” said Mr. Woods.  “It is crucial for the Church to have compassion for those dealing with sexual brokenness and offer a clear message of Biblical truth about sexuality.”


Studying in the Master of Divinity program, his three year degree program will have a strong emphasis on studying the Bible in its original Greek and Hebrew texts. Adam is interested in inner-city ministries and feels particularly called to Boston.


The new Executive Director is familiar with the issue of same-sex attraction and was gay-identified for several years in high school and college.


“I know what it feels like to struggle with same-sex attraction and it can be very painful,” Adam said. “But Jesus Christ is loving and merciful and desires to bring a healing transformation into our lives.  I know, he did it for me.”


During his undergraduate years, Adam majored in multi-media journalism where he was the editor-in-chief for the college newspaper and interned for The Washington Times in Washington, D.C.  He gained a considerable amount of reporting and writing experience and developed a skill set of filmography and video editing. Such abilities will help him immensely as the director for OneByOne where he will be doing web-based work and establishing connections to evangelical, conservative congregations.


“I was drawn to OneByOne because it is a ministry that recognizes a God that desires to heal even our innermost and most intimate struggles,” he said. “I want to be a part of something that was serious about equipping the Church on how to approach the growing and divisive issue of homosexuality.”

 (Press release from One-by-One)