Overture seeks voting and name change for YAADs

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In 2008, the 218th General Assembly voted to change the name of Youth Advisory Delegates (YADS) to Young Adult Advisory Delegates (YAADS), and this summer, that name could be changed again.

The Synod of the Covenant has forwarded an overture (020) to the 221st General Assembly, meeting June 14-21 in Detroit, Mich., to not only change the name of the YAADs, but to give them the right to vote during plenary sessions.

According to the 2014 General Assembly manual, a YAAD is a person between ages 17-23 who has been appointed by his or her presbytery to attend the assembly.

Currently, YAADs are voting members of the assembly’s committees. During the GA plenary sessions, however, they only have the privilege of speaking to the issues being debated, not voting on them. The YAADs may be “polled” prior to an assembly vote to advise the commissioners.

The synod’s overture would not only allow the young adults to vote during the plenary meetings, it would change their name to Youth Adult Commissioners (YAC).

“If we want to be true to goals of inclusiveness and representation within the larger church, giving the young adults voice and vote would be a step in that direction. Presently the YAADs do have voice and vote in the committees. This overture would acknowledge those gifts for the assembly meeting as well,” the overture’s rationale claims.

It continues that changing the name would show that the denomination “welcome[s], embrace[s] and listen[s] to our younger Presbyterian generations. They have been unintentionally disenfranchised and unrepresented on our councils, and hence, we are opening ourselves up to the voices of the future being able to discern and vote in the present. The sooner we make the young adults in our church voting stakeholders, the more they will feel welcomed and valued. The sooner we recognize their leadership, the sooner our young adults will have ownership in the life and decisions of the church.”

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