Presbyerian Church (USA)’s very special interest in Israel

Donald Trump, PCUSA

Gradye Parsons

By Mark Tooley

The stated clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Gradye Parsons, has released a verbose statement demanding an end to the “violence” between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. For emphasis, he even lists ALL the names of Gazans reportedly killed by Israeli air attacks, or 174 names.

Not having seen any PCUSA official include such a list before in a press statement, I’m curious whether it’s a new policy. Perhaps Parsons is doing another statement that will list all 300 victims, including reportedly some Americans, who died today when a Malaysian airliner was shot down today over Ukraine, potentially by pro-Russian insurgents, although we don’t know the details yet.

Or maybe Parsons is also doing a public list of the thousands of victims of Boko Haram, an Islamist terror group in Nigeria. Or maybe he’ll list thousands of victims of al-Shabaab, another Islamist terror group and insurgency, in Somalia. Maybe he’ll list the tens of thousands killed in Syria’s civil war, or the hundreds of thousands killed in conflicts in Sudan or in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Maybe he’ll list the slain in conflicts in Malawi, or the Central African Republic, or in Afghanistan by the Taliban, or in Iraq by ISIS.

But don’t wait for Parsons or any PCUSA official to release lists of the killed from those wars, even though those slain were no less created in God’s image than the slain in Gaza. Those wars and their afflicted don’t merit special PCUSA concern because they don’t involve Israel. Of all the conflicts in the world, and of all the scores of repressive regimes in the world, only Israel is the unique target of the PCUSA’s very special attention.