Presbyterian Global Fellowship is dissolved

pgfBy Jerry Deck
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I’m writing today to give you an update on Presbyterian Global Fellowship.
Seven years ago a group of Presbyterians gathered at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in order to worship the God who sent his Son into the world in order to save it. The question that brought them together during those days is what it meant to be the church, the people of God whom the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has sent out to be his witnesses. It was a time to confess our past unwillingness to go into all the world (including our neighborhoods), to understand more thoroughly the new context in which many of us found ourselves and to ask how we as Presbyterians and followers of Christ could best move forward.
Out of this initial conversation Presbyterian Global Fellowship was founded, with the desire to help transform mainline congregations into missional communities following Jesus Christ. Over the next few years, through national and regional conferences, webinars, blogs, video curriculum and a growing network of “missional leaders” PGF provided resources to pastors, elders and church members that would help them to live out the missional call.
Since that first meeting in 2006 the missional conversation exploded and PGF was an active part of reclaiming our ancient call of being God’s sent people. This has been PGF’s passion from its inception and we feel blessed to have seen churches changed as they have caught the Spirit’s winds and left the safe confines of their homes and church buildings in order to follow God into their neighborhood.