Presbyterian Lay Committee Board of Directors repudiates action of PCUSA General Assembly

copied from external drive 3620DETROIT, MICHIGAN, JUNE 19, 2014 – A statement of protest by the Presbyterian Lay Committee repudiating the action of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA to redefine marriage.

The 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has approved both an Authoritative Interpretation of the Constitution and an amendment to redefine marriage. In the name of 1.8 million Presbyterians nationwide, the General Assembly has committed an express repudiation of the Bible, the mutually agreed upon Confessions of the PCUSA, thousands of years of faithfulness to God’s clear commands and the denominational ordination vows of each concurring commissioner. This is an abomination.

The Presbyterian Lay Committee mourns these actions and calls on all Presbyterians to resist and protest them. You should tell your pastor and the members of your session that you disapprove of these actions.  You should refuse to fund the General Assembly, your synod, your presbytery and even your local church if those bodies have not explicitly and publicly repudiated these unbiblical actions.

God will not be mocked and those who substitute their own felt desires for God’s unchangeable Truth will not be found guiltless before a holy God.  The Presbyterian Lay Committee will continue to call for repentance and reform:  repentance of those who have clearly erred at this General Assembly and reform of the PCUSA according to the Word of God.

Presbyterian Lay Committee

Board of Directors, June 19, 2014

Text of a sample Session resolution

Text of a sample letter to your pastor/session


Carmen Fowler LaBerge