Revisiting Rosaria Butterfield and the power of the Gospel

In a post I wrote last year titled: “The power of one willing witness: the testimony of Dr. Rosario Champagne Butterfield,” I wrote the following words:

“I admit that rarely have I heard one of my own contemporaries so faithfully express their personal testimony as Dr. Rosario Champagne Butterfield.”

If you remember Butterfield’s testimony, she was led to Christ away from both lesbianism and a general belief that the God of the Bible was problematic and “sometimes downright damaging.” Then, she experienced conversion — described by her as a “train wreck” at the hand of the supernatural.

Butterfield has continued to speak her gracious-yet-bold testimony in many venues, including the famous Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.

As an exercise in reaffirming our belief in the power and necessity of being “traumatically transformed by the Gospel,” I thought to share the video of her time at Tenth. Her words drip with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

(Click on the image and the link will take you to Tenth’s video posting of Butterfield.)

Butterfield at Tenth Presbyterian

Carmen Fowler LaBerge