The Presbyterian Story by S. Donald Fortson III

The Presbyterian StoryThe Presbyterian Story: Origins & Progress of a Reformed Tradition

By S. Donald Fortson III
Professor of Church History
Reformed Theological Seminary

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Being Presbyterian involves multiple layers of identity and connection. As Christians, Presbyterians are “catholic,” sharing the common heritage of ancient Christianity with all believers, of all times, in all places. Presbyterians are Protestant by conviction sharing the rich spiritual heritage of the sixteenth century and the unique contributions of the Reformed Tradition. Historically, Presbyterians are also part of the evangelical movement, embracing the legacy of the eighteenth-century revivals (awakenings) in America and Britain. Each of these historic layers is equally important to Presbyterian identity and this book will seek to underscore that reality.

In The Presbyterian Story, Don Fortson brings together a multitude of threads of church history, while writing in a style that is easily accessible. My understanding of my own “family history” was expanded, as well as discovering more about some near-relatives with whom I was not well acquainted. For a primer on church history and the varied branches of the Presbyterian family story, I warmly commend Fortson’s book.Dr. Robert Austell, Pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC, PCUSA

Don is a pre-eminent 21st century historian of Presbyterianism in America. A thorough and thoughtful scholar, he presents the history of our branch of the church in a way that meets the high standards of academic scholarship and is understandable and enjoyable for the layperson who wants to learn more about how our past has shaped our church today.Dr. Jeff Jeremiah, Stated Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Story is a great introduction to the Presbyterian tradition, mediated to this country from the British and Continental Reformations. I especially appreciate the way in which Fortson highlights robust orthodoxy and evangelical warmth as natural allies over these past centuries. Dr. Kenneth J. Stewart, Professor of  Theological Studies, Covenant College, PCA