Lloyd Lunceford Video Series Banner Bar June 2015

Lloyd Lunceford, lawyer and emeritus board member of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, answers a series of questions that churches frequently ask. Each video is 3-5 minutes long, providing you with a brief and helpful answer. To see each video, click on the title.

Video #1:  Introduction to Lloyd Lunceford

Video #2:  Where do we even begin?

Video #3:  How do we retain a lawyer?

Video #4: What is the relationship between a local litigator and a national church property expert?

Video #5:  Do civil courts have the right to hear a church property dispute?

Video #6: Can our church leave the denomination and also maintain possession of our property?

Video #7 : What is a trust? Are there different kinds of trusts? How do trusts relate to ownership?

Video #8: Has there always been a trust clause? Is the new trust language (from the early 1980s) a brand new thing?

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Answers to FAQ’s from local congregation in discernment Feb. 2016

Carmen Fowler LaBerge’s sermon at the June 26, 2015 worship service of the 2015 EPC General Assembly

Religious liberty in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage.

Where is my ecclesiastical backstop?

A Christian Response to the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage

Standing Firm:Presbyterians Respond to the Changing Definition of Marriage

FAQ Video: What do we do now that Amendment 14-f has passed?

FAQ Video: How do Presbyterians understand what it means to be Reformed?

FAQ Video: How did we get here? (PCUSA)