Weeping for aborted children; determining who to love

letterWho weeps for the aborted children?

Brilliant! I loved the argument espoused by Carmen in the Sept./Oct. issue of The Layman. It was concise and well-written, and so very true. To mourn for the victims in Syria (which is a legitimate concern) while embracing abortion in the U.S. is certainly a hypocritical approach. This administration has sanctioned the chemical destruction of 50 million Americans. Who weeps for them? We show more concern for abused animals (which, again, is a legitimate concern) than we do for unborn humans who are burned to death or ripped apart in the womb. May God have mercy on the U.S. Keep up the good work, Carmen.

Don Hancock

Harrisburg, Pa.


‘Who do I really love?’

I was on the road yesterday going to visit my old church, which I’ve loved so much for so many years! But I arrived late and decided not to go in, and turned around. Then I walked into the doors of another church.  As soon as I heard God’s word preached, I knew He had sent me there. It was a small unpretentious church, uncompromising with God’s Words.

You see, my old church is filled with people I love; yet, “they have indignation against the Holy Covenant … and have intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant.” For my old denomination has embraced a Book of Order, which says pastors don’t have to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, and practicing homosexual persons are now allowed to become pastors.

So what about God’s Word? Is it now null and void? Can we choose what we like and throw away what we don’t? How can someone tell me to follow God’s ways, when they openly refuse to? What is this new Christianity? Is this the new age religion, which has come to “honor the god of forces … which speaks marvelous things against the God of gods … which pollutes the sanctuary of strength, and takes away the daily sacrifice … that places the abomination that causes ruin?”

Who do I really love? Is it my friends who want me to keep silent and just keep coming, or is it my God, who wants me to escape their hands, and honor His Word above all?

Ms. Jack Henderson

Former member of Novato Presbyterian Church

Novato, Calif.