PLC WSJ AD-final.indd(1) ‘I Choose This Day!’, letter from the Presbyterian Lay Committee
Welcome to “I Choose This Day,” an opportunity for Presbyterians in the pews to stand firm against a tide of cultural accommodation that is swamping the Presbyterian Church (USA).

(2) ‘I Choose This Day!’, declaration

A copy of the attached declaration that can be signed and delivered to church session members (elders), asking them to study your congregation’s relationship with this denomination and recommend to the congregation what that relationship should be in the future. (PDF file for easy download.)

(3) Sample letter to your session

(4) ‘I Choose This Day!’ basic template for sessions
A template for church sessions to use as they try discern God’s leading for the congregation He has placed under their care. Pray, Prepare, Proceed

(5) ‘I Choose This Day!’ newspaper advertisement

(6) What is the Presbyterian Lay Committee?
We want you to know us and are pleased to offer full disclosure regarding ourselves and our mission.